Video Resources

Appreciating Your Team in a Meaningful Way

All great leaders appreciate their team members but are you doing it in an effective and meaningful way?

How to be Seen in the Time of Masks

We know that we need to be safe during these times, but how can we ensure that our smiling faces are seen with a mask on? Consider adding something fun to your mask, or getting a clear Canadian-made, Mingle Mask!

Staying Organized When You Lead Others

How to keep yourself organized when you lead others. Try using colour-coded Master Lists throughout the week instead of sending multiple emails to your colleagues.

Start, Stop, Continue

A great way to set a comfortable culture with those who report to you is to try the “Stop, Start, Continue” exercise. Try it with your team every 3 months and you’ll be amazed at the kind of magic culture you have created!

Team Meeting Communication

Let’s chat about team meetings and why they are so crucial. I’ll tell you why spending just 30 minutes a month with your team all together is so important, for you as a leader, and for your colleagues.

Attending Zoom Meetings

Have you really thought of what impression you give when you are attending a Zoom Meetings? Let’s chat about level of your webcam, lighting, how to introduce yourself and more!

Secret to Success in Leadership

How to provide purpose, connection, appreciation and growth to your colleagues in just half an hour each week.

Top Tips for Time Management

Do you ever struggle to find the amount of time you need to get jobs done? Let’s chat about how to prioritize using a Master List and ensuring that your tasks are feeding into your long-term plan.

The Power of Mentors

Do you have mentors in your life? My mentors are people whom I’ve chosen that have great attributes that I can emulate and ultimately help me improve!

Handling Complaints with Grace

Tips & tricks to deal with complaints during this challenging time. Hospitality professionals can use the LEAP method to guide them when interacting with guests.

How to Handle Online Reviews

Let’s chat all things online reviews! It’s important to be responding to both positive and negative reviews while being kind, respectful and personal.

Welcoming Colleagues Back to Work

Let’s put the guests aside and focus on welcoming our colleagues back. As their leader you need to be a great source of reassurance and show them the attention you want them to show your guests.