Leadership Development

A series of 4 x full-day training courses that develop the fundamentals
of leadership, delivered once a month over four months, allowing time
for the leaders to process the information, make changes, and follow up
directly with us for support.

1. Your Aims, Your Choices

­č×ä┬áProfessional Leadership

­č×ä┬áStrategies for Growth

­č×ä Body Language & Assertiveness

­č×ä┬áAchieve Your Goals

2. Your Productivity, Your Skills

­č×ä┬áProductivity - Time Management

­č×ä┬áEffective Delegation

­č×ä┬áHandling Complaints

­č×ä┬áImplementing Change

3. Your Team, Your Potential

­č×ä┬áEmotional Intelligence

­č×ä┬áConflict Management

­č×ä┬áMeaningful Communication

­č×ä┬áTeam Meetings & One-on-Ones

4. Your Growth - People & Profit


­č×ä┬áLeading the Current Work Force

­č×ä┬áDeveloping Performance

­č×ä┬áAchieving Balance

Training Includes:

  • Pre-course meeting
  • Mystery guest visit
  • Interactive tailor-made sessions
  • Take home folders
  • Follow up 'accountability' visit after training
  • Personalized certificates



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