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Customer Service Essentials

This Customer ServiceĀ Program includes allĀ four sections.Ā We will share the knowledge, skills and abilities for you to become the ultimate customer service professional.
Our aim is to bring hospitality into every business!

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Section 1

In this section, we will explore the five aspects of body language and how to change the messages you send. We will look into the power of first impressions and how grooming plays a part in that. In order to improve our customer service skills, we will be looking at strategies for growth and finally how being assertive will allow you to build confidence and become a better communicator.

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Section 2
Exceptional Service

In this section, we will break down how to go from 'good' service to 'exceptional' service and how to exceed the expectations of your customers without spending a penny. In the communication section we will understand why messages are so often misunderstood and how to get it right.

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Section 3
Special Skills

In this section, we share the potential of handling complaints well and a step-by-step approach to success. In customer service, we get to have fun with kids and build long-term relationships with regulars, we will share some top tips for memorable experiences. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the telephone, we will look at how to improve your approach to this useful tool.

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Section 4 
Working Together

In this section, we will examine the magic of teamwork and how to ensure it thrives at work with your input. Then in upselling, we will confidently look at progressive ways of building the business you represent.

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Theresa is proud to introduce you to the Online Learning Centre. This program has been created with you in mind, to take at your own pace with knowledge checks along the way!