The team thoroughly enjoyed the session and greatly appreciated the expertise and engaging teaching style of Theresa. The training provided valuable insights and practical techniques that have had a profound impact on our sales approach.

I highly recommend Blue Mountain Training to any organization seeking exceptional sales training. Their professionalism, knowledge, and ability to create an interactive learning environment truly set them apart.

Thank you, Blue Mountain Training, for an outstanding experience! We look forward to future collaborations :)

Prince of Whales

Working with Theresa and Blue Mountain Solutions as part of the leadership training program at Tofino Resort + Marina has been an inspiration on so many levels.

Our leaders have grown both professionally and personally, and the program has given us a common language with which to communicate and problem solve. Theresa has a way of connecting with each team member personally, while at the same time keeping the overall success of the company front and centre. Thank you Theresa!

Dawn Postnikoff
Tofino Resort + Marina


Blue Mountain Solutions has been the exclusive trainer for our hotel and restaurants for several years now. As our company vision grows over time, Theresa Ito and her team of highly skilled professionals work with each department to meet our goals and hone our team's skills. We particularly love the personalized touch of using a local entrepreneur, allowing us to customize training to maximize effectiveness. Their hands-on approach and individual follow-ups are raved about by our team members.

The diverse offerings and broad knowledge BMS bring to the table means we can have consistent training language across every department. Over the years, we have engaged in one-on-one manager skill development, pre-season dining room training for servers, HR support, team-building sessions, front desk agent training, silent shopper feedback strategies, and kitchen skills training with their award-winning chef.
Blue Mountain Solution's "Train the Trainer" and "Leadership Series" allows us to empower our leaders and develop an incredibly strong and successful management team.

Not only do we increase our revenues with more efficient service through BMS training, but we retain more team members who feel valued and supported, decreasing labor costs and turnover. As a Hotel General Manager, I cannot recommend Blue Mountain Solutions enough!

Erin Cassels
General Manager
Huntingdon Manor

Theresa spoke to our Leadership Team last week and it was outstanding! She was able to build immediate rapport with our team by both showing her vulnerability and proficiency all at the same time! We have hired many amazing speakers in the past (even some members of the National Speakers Hall of Fame) and Theresa ranked right up there with the best of them.

If you are looking for a speaker or a consultant, who has the ability to build instant trust through rapport to get immediate results, look no further than Theresa Ito and Blue Mountain Solutions.

Tim Dumas
JAK's Beer Wine Spirits

Before I can lead well, I must understand myself – strengths & challenges; likes and dislikes; fears and comforts. Then I need to understand my team – what motivates and what deflates. Once I know the players, I need to ensure we all understand the game. Then we play the game that has no innings, quarters or periods, hoping that EVERYBODY wins. All of this is a work in progress: I change, my team changes, the company changes, the world changes. Theresa taught me how to measure formally and informally; evaluate and recalibrate myself and my team in an effort to become a more effective leader.

Proline Property Management

I had the pleasure of introducing Theresa to my team after recently purchasing the Franchise. I was looking for a fresh start and to build upon the existing foundation. Theresa brought vitality and fresh enthusiasm to my team with a "Developing Professionals" outline. From mystery guest visits, phone calls and in sales training Theresa put together a tailored course for our Travel Agency that had the team engaged and participating. After the training, our team members and our agency soared to personal bests! We thank Theresa and her team for their part in that. I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Blue Mountain Solutions.

Janice Strand MCC
Franchise Owner
Expedia CruiseShipCenters, Westshore

With Theresa’s extensive knowledge and experience within hospitality, she was the perfect fit to relate to our various management teams across a range of foodservice operations and liquor retail. Within both sectors, we knew that leadership retention and consistency was vital for daily operation and future growth. Theresa took our core values, and detailed discussions and delivered a range of training that provided all a set of tangible skills consistent with our brand. Our teams were inspired both with the content and approach!

Alistair Eason
Regional Manager
The Truffles Group

Theresa’s Leadership Development course was a fantastic experience. She is warm and engaging and her classes are fun and energetic. I attended Theresa’s course with a colleague I work with every day and it gave us a shared language to discuss leadership challenges. One of the things I liked best about her course was that she gave us loads of concrete tools and tactics. I use many of the things she taught us every day. It has been a year since the training began and I still find myself referencing Theresa’s materials on a regular basis.

Jay Jordan
General Manager
Cascadia Liquor

Thank you Theresa for your positive energy, leadership and for reminding us that it is important to take time for each other. Looking forward to working with you again in January!

Brook Castelsky
Chief Operating Officer
Oak Bay Marine Group

Brilliant! Probably the most powerful illustration of how this can work, this has really captured the essence of what this is all about. Inspiring and helping our people to help themselves and the business.

Richard Bishop
Operations Director
Charles Wells

Theresa’s passion and love of teaching shined through in our experiences with her and her Blue Mountain Solutions team. Our staff raved about her ability to make connections with her kind and caring personality and thoroughly enjoyed her use of story-telling her vast experiences in the customer service industry

Beth Harris
Director, Human Resources
Country Grocer

We have had a fabulous summer, I am proud of our team! Thank you for getting us all starting with our sales success!!

Jaclyn Fogelklou
Manager, Visitor Services
Tourism Victoria

Blue Mountain Solutions took the time to listen to my brief as CEO and then work with my executive team and our front line staff to deliver a sales and service program which exceeded expectations. Tourism Victoria’s Visitor Services sales to our members will be up considerably in 2017 over 2016 and more importantly, I am convinced that my whole team is pointed in the right direction. Thank-you Theresa!​

Paul Nursey
CEO, Destination Greater Victoria

We engaged Theresa to lead us in Leadership and Customer Service training. Our Leadership team found incredible value in the curriculum. Theresa’s advance preparation to gain insight into our strategy and tactics along with gathering participant perspectives was exemplary and ultimately led to an excellent program. In the spirit of accountability and effectiveness, she further proved great value by following up with each participant after the course ended. Feedback across my entire team was so positive! I have been fortunate to have worked at two previous organizations recognized for their training and service standards. In my view, Theresa’s skills, experience and style, make her a stand-out and she holds her own with the best I have seen.

Mark Breslauer
President and CEO
Monk Office

Theresa worked for me for over 2 years and I got to see firsthand her knowledge and organizational skills. As a hotelier she did a first class job. However, it turned out that there was more to Theresa than simply a leader in the hotel industry. We knew of her earlier experience as a trainer and the operator of her own training business. When the recession was coming to an end and we needed to kick up our training, we knew our own human resources could not handle the volume we needed to do. We therefore turned to Theresa to "fill in the gap" for us and quickly realized that it was no "fill in" but high quality training of solid content and great delivery. The colleague response was extremely positive. Now that Theresa is again out on her own, you can be assured we will continue to take advantage of her product and skill in delivering training for us. May I suggest you avail your organization of her services too, I'm sure you will be very glad you did!

Reverend Ian Powell
Managing Director
Inn at Laurel Point

Recognizing the need to change how we hire and train new staff, we reached out to Theresa to help us change our game. She took the time to thoroughly understand our business and processes before presenting us with a new plan. And what a plan it was! Well thought out and customized to fit Prima Strada, the new processes were well received by our team and easily implemented. The training sessions were productive, engaging, thought provoking and worthwhile. Our team is confident in the process and have embraced the new path. Brava!

Cristen DeCarolis Dallas
Pizzeria Prima Strada

Theresa is a terrific instructor and I have been more than pleased with her work since she started at RRU. She manages classroom activities expertly, with dynamism and energy. She is always positive in her approach to assisting the students. Most of the students are millennials, and she understands their needs and requirements to be successful in their future careers. The student experience has been outstanding, with many of them commenting about how much they have learned from Theresa.

Dr. Eugene Thomlinson
Associate Professor School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Royal Roads University​

Blue Mountain Solutions took time to listen to our needs and is so professional in leading workshops for teams and leaders. We had the chance to have Theresa on two occasion for “train the trainer” and “service excellence” and both of these trainings were a success. The team members took so much out of it and were all so happy to go back to their sections and apply everything taught during the courses. We highly recommend Theresa and her charismatic ways. Thank you for the wonderful work you do, we look forward to having you soon again.

Sarah Cloe Lambert
Human Resources Coordinator
Spirit Ridge Lake Resort by Hyatt

I have had pleasure of attending 3 separate sessions with Theresa Ito (Principal at Blue Mountain Solutions). Two of the sessions were part of the Leadership Team training and one was Front Desk Team training. Her training technique and the training material is personalized to company’s specific needs which makes all the difference. She has a gift to bring out the best in you. My staff and I loved her personality and her genuineness. If your team requires a personal and uplifting training session, then I highly recommend Theresa Ito.

Deep Badyal
Front Office Manager
Watermark Beach Hotel

Theresa is a consummate hospitality professional with a thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive environment. She has an uncanny ability to identify a problem, analyse it with input and participation from all stakeholders and then implement a solution with full buy in from the team. Theresa’s impressive international career has prepared her to take on the many challenges faced by her clients. She is a professional that you can trust and afford to train and motivate a team, to maximise their contribution ensuring the success of any business that has the foresight to bring her on board.

Peter Dutton
Principal, PD Consulting

We chose Theresa Dickinson of Blue Mountain Solutions to lead our annual Corporate Development Retreat this year, and were definitely not disappointed! This annual event has provided our management team with multiple experiences and unique opportunities over the years – making it very difficult to come up with something that will have a positive and memorable impact. Blue Mountain Solutions did not disappoint!! Although we stayed in our own community, the topics, creative team-building events and intriguing presentation style resulted in top rankings from our entire team, including comments such as “maybe our best retreat yet”. Thank you Theresa!

Brenda Ollis
General Manager
Chateau Victoria

Thank you to you for all of the wonderful work that you have done for us and for Nanaimo. The program has been a great success.

Dan Brady
Nanaimo Hospitality Association


I'm not surprised at those results, you are an amazing facilitator. I thank you sincerely for the opportunity to partake and learn some meaningful lessons. Thanks Theresa, it is people like you that reassures myself on how much I love my job and want to become more successful in gaining, training and retaining ambassadors.

Sabrina Biserovic
Nanaimo Ambassador Program

Theresa breathed new life into our management team, re-sparking their commitment to deliver phenomenal hospitality. Theresa’s energy, experience and dedication to her purpose, to support leaders, created a vibrant atmosphere during her sessions. The results were a re-energized management team, committed to improving our service levels and being more effective leaders.

Natasha Richardson
General Manager
Brentwood Bay Resort & Wellness Centre

Over the years Mrs Dickinson has proved herself over and over to possess exceptional organisational and managerial skills. Her attitude and communication with staff and guests are one of motivation, understanding, helpfulness and total professionalism, she will be greatly missed. I unreservedly recommend Theresa in whatever business pursuits she initiates.

Hon. Gordon Stewart, O.J., C.D.
Sandals Resorts

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge the positive feedback we are still receiving about the training both leadership development as well as the two sessions of Sales Training. Our team is engaged – thinking and acting as a team – and they are all excited about the next sessions.

Ingrid Jarrett
General Manager
Watermark Beach Resort & Conference Centre

Theresa was an integral part of our team for the last 3 months, providing sales training to our front-line staff and leadership training and operational support to our supervisory team. Thank you for helping us develop our front-line staff into sales superstars and for giving us the tools to grow strong, confident leaders. We look forward to working with you again in the near future!

Meagan Treleaven
Visitor Centre Tourism Victoria

Theresa did a fabulous job leading us at our Management Retreat. She prepared fun, yet beneficial activities for us, and so much learning and growth was achieved. Theresa is warm, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. The whole team enjoyed every moment of it and the feedback was 100% positive. I would highly recommend Theresa for your next training seminar.

Trina White
General Manager
The Parkside Hotel & Spa

I ​will ​always remember the ​valuable ​lesson​s​ and passion I learned from you ​during your coaching at​ the Oswego. I am very fortunate to have a mentor like you. ​ I ​often ask myself "What​ would Theresa say in this situation?"

Shino Yamashiro
E:Né Raw Food Sake Bar

Theresa was an absolute pleasure to have work with our team! They all loved her, even those that had resistance at first. Her training is unlike any other and she makes it fun! Thank you Theresa, we all learned so much from your valuable training sessions.

Mellissa Gould
Front Office Manager
The Coast Bastion Hotel

I write to record my thanks to you for all the hard work you have put in over the last year which has culminated in Abacus Hotels being recommended for recognition under the Investors in People scheme. The enthusiasm that you brought to your role has played a pivotal part in the achievement.

Howard Darking
Executive Deputy Chairman
Abacus Hotels

Theresa, thank you for your kind participation in the MGB Mock Interview Clinic. Students really appreciated the support and advice you have given them, and because of your feedback, they are better prepared to pursue their career goals. We sincerely appreciate your commitment of time and energy to this important project.

Alma Osorio, MGB
Internship Coordinator
University of Victoria